Induction Fry Pan

Induction Fry Pan

  •  Three Layers of high abrasion resistant, Non-Stick coating.
  •  Scratch resistant Double Hammertone finish at the bottom.
  •  Timed release properties which lets you crisp your food to your liking without ever giving you the hassle of sticking to the vessel.
  •  Can be cooked on Induction stove.
  •  12 months warranty.
  •  Heat resistant handles with fixed brackets providing long-lasting support.
  •  Easy to clean and maintain.
  •  Nylon spoon and scrubber included.
  •  Metal Spatula friendly.


Thickness 3mm
Article Wt. 1.20 kgs
Inner Box Wt. 166 gms
Inner Box Size 12¼” x 3¾” x 10¾
Inner Box wt. with Article 1.455 Kgs
Outer Box Size 19¼” x 19½” x 19½”
Pack Qty. 24 Pcs
Gross Wt. 33.980 Kgs
Capacity 1.5 Ltr
Inside Did 226mm
Outside Dia 233mm
Article Height 49mm
Thickness 3mm
Article Wt. 1.292 Kgs
Inner Box Wt. 148 gms
Inner Box Size 10¾” x 3¾” x 12¼”
Inner Box wt. with Article 1.640 Kgs
Outer Box Size 21⅜” x 16½” x 21½”
Pack Qty. 20 Pcs
Gross Wt. 31.320 Kgs
Capacity 2 Ltr
Inside Did 245mm
Outside Dia 253mm
Article Height 53mm

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